About us

OceanTreats is based in the Faroe Islands, isolated by the North Atlantic Ocean. Our raw materials is based on high quality and superior fish which is locally sourced. Our products are air dried with the newest technology, ensuring the highest quality products.
Our vision is that as much as possible of the fish that is caught around the Faroe Islands is being used for Human or animal consumption.
OceanTreats is a sub-brand to Faroe Marine Product.
Sales Manager

Svein Rógvi Nielsen Ljósstein

Email: sales@oceantreats.dog
Phone: +298 443399

Professional Taster


Medina is a Faroese bred Border Collie, born in 2012 in a small village called Skálafjørður, located on Eysturoy island in the Faroe Islands.

She likes watching the thousands of sheep walking in our mountains, and naps on the couch are also one of her favourite "activities".

Medina is an expert and professional taster when it comes to healthy fish treats.