Benefits of natural dog treats

Healthy and nutritious dog treats from the Faroe Islands

There are several health benefits you get from North Atlantic Ocean Treats. Our natural dog treats are a great source of protein and natural Omega 3/6 fatty acids. We air dry the Ocean treats at low temperature to make sure that all amino acids are still active. These help with the healthy development of your dog.

The amino acids contained in the proteins can help your dog’s development of the immunity system, bones, healthy hair and skin. The amino acids are also good for repairing and maintaining muscles and other tissues. That is why it is important that your dog has sufficient proteins to provide energy and build strong muscles, bones and joints.

North Atlantic ocean treats are also a great source of Omega 3. Omega 3 is also a good nutrient for your energetic puppy. It provides essential support in the development of your dog. It is good for the skin of your dog. It helps it have that healthy shining fur.

In addition, Omega rich, North Atlantic Ocean treats can be good for your dog’s teeth, skin, eyes, heart and brain. So you can not go wrong with ensuring that you get yourself natural dog treats that are natural, air dried and human grade. It is important for your dog to have the right amount of proteins in order to make sure that it is developing physically. It helps in the development of muscles and bones and also important is helping the dog heal if it has wounds. It helps the overall health of your dog.

So go get yourself some Ocean treats; healthy fish bites for your companion.