North Atlantic Ocean Treats

High quality natural dog treats from the Faroe Islands.

Pure fish, locally sourced

North Atlantic Ocean Treats are delicious dog treats produced in the Faroe Islands. Made from 100% wild fish from the North Atlantic ocean. North Atlantic Ocean treats are human quality pet food. The air dried fish snack for your dog is human grade and can even be consumed by humans. North Atlantic Ocean treats are air dried to make sure that the fish maintains its natural tastes.

No preservatives are added. Just Pure fish and we process them to make sure they have pure natural taste. We get our fish from local fish factories. All ocean treats are natural; sourced from the wild waters of the Atlantic ocean. Our local suppliers are MSC certified fisheries . That means our suppliers are sustainable too. You can be rest assured that all our ocean treats are good for your dog and good for the ocean.

Sustainably produced

To make sure that your dog gets the most from the wild fish of the North Atlantic, we air dry the fish at low heat. We do this to make sure that all the amino acids are still active. This means our ocean treats have enough supply of natural proteins and nutrients your dog needs.

The importance of the health of your dog and the quality of food it eats can not be overemphasised. Thus our ocean treats are packed with natural ingredients. Because we know that a healthy diet of proteins and sufficient supply of Omega 3 means a healthy and vibrant dog. It is for this reason that we are confident that Ocean treats are good for your dog.