Our Story: Ocean Treats

Top Quality human grade dog treats from the Faroe Islands

Ocean treats are natural dog treats produced in the faroe islands by Faroe Marine products. Faroe Marine products is a processing company that specializes in the processing of fish and by-products such as fish heads, bones and entrails for human consumption.

Faroe Marine Products was established in 2001. The company has over two decades of experience producing high quality dried foods for human consumption including humans best friends, puppy. Since 2001, the company has been producing and supplying high quality dry fish. The big problem the company set out to solve was to reduce wasting fish in the fishing industry in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands’ economy largely depends on fish. However, only half the amount of the fish that comes to the shore is used. Therefore, Faroe Marine Products was set up to help reduce wastage in the fish industry. Faroe Marine Products gets the fish designated to be discarded from other fish factories and turns them into human grade products. The company has found a way of preserving and processing fish by-products so that they can be consumed by humans.

In addition, Faroe Marine Products uses renewable energy to process products. Most of the power Faroe Marine Products uses is generated from the local incinerator. This is the company's contribution to reducing waste in the fish industry and making sure that all the products are produced in a sustainable way. Thus we believe that our Ocean treats are good for the ocean, for the environment and good for your dog.